Student Services

Student Life at Loyola is based on the philosophy that education occurs in the context of total human development. Development of the whole person involves not only the intellectual development of the student but also the moral, social, cultural, and physical development of the individual. Programs and services exist which provide opportunities for this total educational experience.

Career Development Office

The mission of the Career Development Office at the College of Law is to equip law students and alumni with the ability to define and achieve their career aspirations. Located in LS 101, the Career Development Office provides comprehensive services in all areas of career advising and assessment, to educate law students and alumni regarding the methods of achieving career ambitions and employment options for those in possession of a Juris Doctor degree. Students and alumni meet with an assigned career adviser to assess goals, identify strengths and interests, and develop a personalized job search strategy. Services provided include: resume and cover letter review; interview preparation; internship opportunities; exploration of career fields; on-campus and off-campus recruiting programs/job fairs; networking and mentoring opportunities; and professional development programming.

Our staff of career advisers are licensed attorneys with law firm, judicial, and public sector experience, and provide both common law and civil law students with practical information on conducting an effective job search. By cultivating relationships with legal employers (e.g., the judiciary, private law firms, government agencies, public service organizations), alumni, local and national associations, and other members of the legal community, the Career Development Office develops and shares information regarding methods of gaining legal experience while in law school as well as post-graduation employment opportunities. Questions may be directed to

Academic Counseling

For those students who need advice and counseling about their law program, a member of the faculty is assigned to each student. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will assist the student with scheduling courses and is available to discuss other problems that may arise in the academic year.

Academic Success Program

The College of Law Academic Success Program complements the law school curriculum to assist students in attaining academic success and is an integral part of Loyola Law School’s commitment to the academic achievement of all students. The Academic Success Program recognizes that students have diverse learning methods and backgrounds that affect their performance in law school. The program provides presentations, workshops, skills seminars and study groups on such topics as brief writing, test taking, issue spotting, essay writing, and time and stress management. The program also provides professional academic guidance and one-on-one tutorials to enhance studying, analysis, comprehension and writing. Individual meetings allow students to focus on their specific academic strengths and weaknesses to assess the best approach for achieving academic success. The Program is open to all students. Information about specific times and locations for activities and office hours will be posted on the web page and bulletin boards. The Academic Success Program office is located in Room 402.

Marie D. Tufts, Director, Academic Success Program, Telephone (504) 861-5689, Email:

University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center (UCC), located on the main campus on the second floor of the Danna Student Center (room 208) provides personal counseling, psychiatric services and psychological assessments to all registered students. The UCC offers appointments to law students on main campus and at the College of Law. The UCC exists to assist students with meeting the varied challenges of community life at Loyola. Concerns for which students have sought services include adjustment issues, grief and loss, eating disorders, sexual violence, anxiety and depression. These services are offered free of charge and on a confidential basis in which the UCC records are maintained independently of all other university records. The UCC staff includes mental health professionals and a consulting psychiatrist who have been professionally trained in their areas of expertise. For more information about the University Counseling Center or to schedule an appointment, please call (504) 865-3835.

The Louisiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program also offers direct and confidential assistance for all mental health issues that law students may encounter. For those law students struggling with issues of depression, anxiety, drug addiction or alcoholism or other mental issues, the JLAP is here to help. They offer a full range of resources and solutions to help students manage their issues in the short and long term. Every service provided through the JLAP is 100% confidential and 100% free.

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing for law students is limited. However, our Office of Residential Life does its very best to accommodate law students in appropriate on-campus housing. There are no accommodations for married students on campus.

Requests for further information about campus housing should be forwarded directly to the Office of Residential Life, following notification of acceptance to the College of Law.  Their direct number is 504-865-2445.

Campus Parking

Students may park on campus by purchasing a parking permit from the Parking and ID Services office located on the first floor of Biever Hall. Visitors may park in the West Road Parking Garage by paying an hourly rate or at a paid parking meter. Regular shuttle service runs between the West Road Parking Garage and the Broadway Campus. Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours every day, weekends and holidays included. Please see the Loyola University parking and traffic regulations for a complete listing of the parking regulations. For further information about on-campus parking, please contact the Parking and ID services office at (504) 865-3000.

Commuter Services

The Department of Student Life and Ministry serves the needs of Loyola University’s commuter students. The university recognizes its responsibility for responding to their unique needs.

Resources for commuter students including brochures, apartment listings, car pooling information, bus schedules, and programs are available in the Department of Student Life and Ministry located in the Danna Student Center, Lower Level. 

Student Health Services

Loyola’s Student Health Services is located on the main campus on the lower level of the Danna Student Center. Medical professionals administer a program of primary healthcare, medical assistance for illness/injury, and referral for emergency and/or specialty medical care to all registered students.  The primary goal for Student Health Services is to promote personal healthcare and healthy lifestyles.  Student Health Services provides primary care treatment for and education about personal health issues for all Loyola students—residential and non-residential, full-time and part-time—that provide a complete medical history form. Loyola's Student Health Insurance Plan covers office visits and all on-site labs and services at Student Health Services with no additional costs to students. Students with other health plans should check with their plan provider regarding coverage and fees  Prescribed medicines, referrals to off-campus medical specialists, laboratory tests, and hospitalization are at the student’s expense. For more information about Student Health Services please call (504) 865-3326.  Same day appointments and nurse consultations are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Immunization Policy

Loyola University New Orleans and Louisiana law requires all incoming students and students residing on campus to submit vaccination documentation.  This requirement includes proof of immunization for tetanus/diphtheria (within the past 10 years), meningococcal disease, and for students born after 1956, measles, mumps, and rubella (two doses). 

Registration for any course will be “temporary” until the completed proof of immunization compliance form has been submitted to Student Health Services by the student and reviewed by Student Health Services staff.  Failure to submit the completed form will result in a cancellation of classes.  This requirement can be met by providing evidence of prior vaccinations or being vaccinated at Student Health Services.  All vaccination forms can be found on the Student Health Services website.

Health Insurance

Loyola has partnered with Aetna Student Health to provide a Student Health Insurance Plan during the 2022 – 2023 academic year. Loyola’s student health plan will connect you to a network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and specialists throughout the country—at school, at home, and when you travel.

Students will be automatically enrolled in Loyola’s Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2022 – 2023 academic year. You must provide proof of comparable, existing insurance coverage for the academic year in order to waive coverage through Loyola.

The cost for the Fall 2022 academic term of $1,240 will appear on your first student bill sent out on June 29, 2022. The charges associated with your plan are listed in the table below. If you continue to meet the plan's eligibility requirements in Spring 2023, you will be charged $1,718 in January. For comparison, this is equivalent to a monthly premium cost of $246.50. You may want to check with your family to see how this coverage compares to your current coverage. Starting school is a qualifying event to switch insurance.

If you already have coverage through your family’s plan or another source, you will need to complete the waiver questionnaire available starting on June 15, 2022, in order to determine your eligibility to waive coverage. The questionnaire will help you compare your options and choose the best coverage while you’re at school. The deadline to waive insurance coverage through Aetna Student Health and receive a full refund on your bill is September 7, 2022.

Identification Cards

Picture identification cards, known as Loyola Express Cards, are provided free to new students during the registration period. After class starts, all cards cost $15. Only one I.D. card is allowed per student. The cards are used for admittance to the Recreational Sports Complex, the residence halls, the parking garage, as well as serving as the card for students on a board plan and/or students who deposit funds for future food or bookstore purchases, vending purchases or laundry, campus events, and for other activities. They are required for use of campus library facilities.

Students must obtain their Loyola identification cards from Parking Services, located on the first floor of Biever Hall across from University Police. Students must have the cards on their persons at all times to present to university officials on demand. Loan of the card to anyone is prohibited. Use of another’s card subjects the user and the lender to a fine and/or disciplinary action. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Express Card office. There is a $15 charge for replacement cards. The cards are used for the full term of enrollment at Loyola. Law students’ cards must be validated at the beginning of each semester at either the Law Records or the Parking Services office on the main campus at (504) 865-3000. Cards must be validated at the beginning of each semester at Loyola's Parking/ID office located in university police headquarters in Biever Hall.

Student Organizations

Membership in student organizations provides opportunities for law students to achieve educational and professional relevance in non-class time activities. Through participation in law student organizations, students have the opportunity to integrate the experiences of the classroom with the concerns and issues of the legal profession. Of the more than 120 student organizations chartered by the university, approximately 12 are affiliated directly with the College of Law under the umbrella of the Student Bar Association. Please contact the Student Bar Association at (504) 861-5541 or e-mail

Law students are also eligible for membership in non-law student organizations based upon personal interest and the membership criteria of the student organization.

The following student organizations were active during the 2020-21 academic year:

Broadway Activities Center (BAC)

The Broadway Activities Center (BAC), located across the street from the College of Law, houses the Broadway Campus mail room, University Ministry office, one law classroom (BA 202), the SBA office, offices for student organizations, as well as individual storage lockers which are available for rental for a nominal fee. Food and snacks are available for purchase in the BAC. The BAC operates under the supervision of the director of the Joseph A. Danna Student Center and student activities. For more information, please call the law building coordinator at (504) 861-5417.

The Joseph A. Danna Student Center

The Joseph A. Danna Student Center located on the main campus is the university center for the campus community. This center houses the full-service dining facilities of the university, located in five different locations in the building. The center mall contains a credit union, a convenience store, food service outlet, and three automatic teller machines (ATMs) of local banks. Located outside the mall is a university-operated branch of the U.S. Post Office. The Danna Student Center also contains lounges, meeting rooms, the Danna Student Center Art Gallery, student organization offices, and some student affairs administrative offices.

The Danna Student Center, through the University Programming Board, offers a full range of social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities for the entire university community. Contact number: (504) 865-3622.

The Loyola Bookstore

The Loyola Bookstore located on the main floor of the Danna Student Center provides required and recommended textbooks, computer hardware and software, leisure and literary reading material, school supplies, gift items, class rings, clothing, and Loyola memorabilia. It serves as a central unit for the university’s business supplies. Hours of operation are posted. To contact the bookstore, call (504) 865-3262.

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the University Sports Complex

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the University Sports Complex provides opportunities for Loyola students, employees, and alumni to participate in competitive and noncompetitive, organized and informal sports and fitness activities. It is the express purpose of Athletics and Wellness to meet the diverse needs of the university community with a broad-based, comprehensive program including intramural sports, extramural sports, club sports, noncredit instructional programs, open recreation, and special interest programs. Students participating in all sports are responsible for ensuring that they are medically able to withstand the rigors of the physical activity in which they plan to engage. Likewise, all students should have sufficient personal injury insurance in the event of an accident.

The University Sports Complex is a multipurpose sports facility which includes: courts for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, floor hockey and racquetball; an Olympic-style natatorium for swimming and diving; a whirlpool; a suspended jogging track; a weight-lifting/conditioning area; and the Loyola Athletic Hall of Fame. It also has locker rooms, each with a sauna and steam room. Students are admitted free with their university ID cards and may purchase memberships for immediate family members.

The Loyola Wolfpack competes in the N.A.I.A. (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics), Division I, as a member of the Southern States Athletic Conference (SSAC). Loyola currently fields varsity teams in the following sports: men’s and women’s basketball, tennis, cross-country, men’s baseball, and women’s volleyball. By a student referendum conducted in 1991, the program is financially supported by a student fee dedicated to the intercollegiate athletic program. Loyola offers athletic scholarships in men’s and women’s basketball.

University Police

Loyola University New Orleans’s Public Safety Department is a service oriented organization which aims to provide a safe environment conducive to learning, living and working.

Office for Accessible Education

Loyola University New Orleans is committed to ensuring equal access and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and to providing support services which assist qualified students with disabilities. The policy of Loyola prohibits and discourages discrimination against students with disabilities in all areas of the university. The Office for Accessible Education was created to ensure the careful implementation of this policy by faculty and staff and to assist students with disabilities in meeting the demands of university life. This office is housed in Monroe Library, Room 229, (504) 865-2990.

Any student with a disability wishing to receive accommodations must identify him/herself as soon as possible to the Director of Accessible Education in order to comply with the requisite time limits and other procedures related to receiving accommodations. It is incumbent on the student to meet the deadlines and to inform him/herself of procedures to ensure reasonable accommodations.

Any student with a physical disability who may have difficulty evacuating the law building in an emergency is required to make an appointment with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at his/her earliest convenience to review the Loyola University emergency evacuation procedure.