LL.M. in United States Law for International Students


Loyola Law places a unique emphasis on comparative and international law owing to its location in the State of Louisiana. Due to the confluence of laws and practices rooted in Civil Law and Common Law, Louisiana is now considered to be a “mixed jurisdiction.” The College of Law’s dual curriculum, its Jesuit heritage and its geographic location in the international port city of New Orleans, with its richly diverse cultural heritage, also contribute to its global focus. 

In general it is anticipated that the degree will be completed in one academic year (two semesters), but LL.M. candidates may take longer with the permission of the Director.  

Our LL.M. curriculum is designed to be flexible so that LL.M. candidates can customize their course selections in line with their professional goals.  There are only two required courses in the 24 semester hours needed for completion of the LL.M. degree. One is a two-credit course in “Introduction to United States Law" (LAWM L930); the other is a three-credit course in Lawyering I (LAW L715), with a focus on legal research and writing.  LL.M. candidates must also complete a two-hour writing project on a subject of their choice. The writing project may be fulfilled by taking a two-hour law school seminar for credit or a two-hour independent legal research project (LAW L898) under the supervision of a faculty member.  

LL.M. candidates will have a choice of elective credits for the remainder of the required 24 semester hours. They may select from among any other courses in the College of Law’s catalog, except for courses that are associated with service on the school’s four officially recognized law journals. LL.M. candidates should develop a coherent plan of electives and have the approval of their faculty mentors for all elective courses. 

LL.M. candidates who intend to qualify to sit for a bar exam, should notify the program Director, Coordinator, and Associate Dean before starting the program. 

Internship Credit

Up to four credit hours may be earned through a pass / fail internship with a law firm, court, or government agency. The College of Law cannot promise that internships will be available to the LL.M. candidates, but will make best efforts to help ascertain any opportunities that may become available.

Completing a Thesis

LL.M. candidates may be able to complete a more extensive thesis under faculty supervision for up to a total of six hours credit (this would be instead of the two-hour writing project, not in addition to it). The thesis may be completed after the candidate’s one-year period of residency on the Loyola campus, but the LL.M. degree will not be awarded until the thesis is satisfactorily completed.

Please visit the LL.M. Program website for more information.